Last modified: October 11, 2016

Welcome to

Thank you for your interest in RUC's webhotel services. Please read the FAQ below. If you have any questions or want to open a site, contact the webmaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my personal homepage hosted by the webhotel server?
No you can't. Personal homepages are not hosted by Roskilde University but there are thousands of free or cheap hosting possibilities in the Internet.

Which content is eligible for being hosted by the webhotel server?
Basically any homepage with a content related to projects and/or activities hosted and/or sponsored by Roskilde University can be hosted by the webhotel server. If you are in doubt, contact us via the malto link above. Once again, personal materials belong to personal pages.

Does the webhotel server support PHP and MySQL?
Yes, it does.

How do I connect to the webhotel server?
For the sake of security, connections to the server can only be made from within RUC's network or via VPN.
You will have to use a SFTP/SCP client in order to change/upload content. Use the username, password and remote path provided to you by the webmaster.

Where can I find a SFTP/SCP client?
We recommend you to use open source programs with active development like Filezilla. But there are a lot of programs around and you are free to use your own favourite. On Linux and Mac you can use the integrated terminal with the 'sftp' command.

Does the webhotel server also support standard FTP connections?
No, it doesn't.

Can I use my favorite graphical MySQL database manager to access my database(s) on the webhotel server?
No you can't. Connections to your MySQL database(s) are only allowed from the webhotel server itself.

I don't know what happened but I lost some of my files?
Don't panic, we do perform a backup of your files every night. That said we still strongly recommend you to keep a safe copy of your material "just in case".

I can't remember my password?
Consult a good doctor. Just kidding... Contact us via the mailto link above to get a new one.

I can remember my password but I can't log on
Did you check the Caps/Num lock keys? Then maybe your account have expired? User accounts automatically expire after one year. Users will be informed by e-mail once their accounts are about to expire, users can easily check-in for an extra year by answering the mail.

Can I share my account with another person working on the same web page?
No you can't. User accounts are personal! Each project member must use his/her own account to log in.

I've read the FAQ twice but I would still like to know if...
Drop a mail to us via the mailto link above and we will return to you as soon as possible with a detailed answer. Count on one business day to get the answer.

I just discovered a bug, should I report it? To who?
Yes, please report it to us by using the mailto link above.